Why I’m So Happy with PicMonkey and You Will Be, Too

Use your own fonts on PicMonkey

PicMonkey now allows you to use your own fonts!

That’s right — you can select “Yours” and you’ll see the fonts from your computer’s font book.

I’m so stinkin’ excited I can’t stand it.

picmonkey use your own fonts

But, let’s get down to some serious font talk, shall we?

How to Get Cool Fonts (on Your Computer)

You want to have more cool fonts on your computer, don’t ya?

You can go to these top sites for free fonts:


Font Squirrel 

Google Web Fonts


Download a font. Open up the folder and for each font category (bold, italic, regular) click on it to open.

Then — install the font. (Sometimes you have to restart your computer or program for the new installs to show up.)

how to get cool fonts

You’ll see it in your Font Book.

download font 3 font book\

I’ve had corrupted font files whack out my computer so a word of caution. I don’t know how to predict which fonts are corrupted though. My best guess is that you only download fonts that have been downloaded a ton already. (Look in popular or top category of fonts and check how many times the file has been downloaded.)

Be sure you read my tutorial on how to pair fonts — so you your fonts look gorgeous and not crazy.

What do you think – isn’t this great news?

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How to Make Your Videos POP on Pinterest

make your videos POP on Pinterest
Posting a video on Pinterest works about as well as posting a selfie of your elbow.

It doesn’t.

The big reason videos don’t do well on Pinterest they’re horizontal. Sure it’s great for a computer or TV screen but not so much for the columns of Pinterest.

So how do you make your videos stand out?

Compare Video vs. Static Image

I did a test with a client of mine, Hip2Save, about 6 months ago. (Keep in mind that this was when they had under 1,000 followers.)

First, I pinned the video. It got a total of 5 repins.

Portable Mason Jars video

Then, I had a member of my team take screen shots of the video, and make a static 3 image collage with a title. It did much better with 18 repins.

portable mason jars static image

The static image collage works better because it’s vertical and thus, more eye-catching. Because Hip2Save has a ton of videos, it was essential for us to determine the best way to share these on Pinterest. Once we knew which to use, we could get the most repins and page views.

Make Your Own

You can easily create your own static collage for your videos.

1. Take screen shots. (I use SnagIt.)

2. Then create a photo collage with PicMonkey, Canva, or Photoshop Elements. Make sure you add a title with branding on the top or bottom.

You don’t get the playable video but you will get more exposure with greater repins.

That’s worth it, don’t you think?

Give Me 5 Minutes and I’ll Give You the Secret of Font Pairing

quickly learn how to pair fonts

So you want to learn font pairing.

First, let me explain that the correct term is actually typeface. However, because this is a layman’s tutorial and most of us are more familiar with the term font, we’ll use font instead of typeface.

Before I can explain how any of this works, let’s first learn about the different groups of fonts.

Font Families for Laymen


1. Serif  A serif is the term for the short lines on the ends of letters. Many have a thick/thin contrast in the letters. These are very readable, and very good for online.

San Serif

2. Sans Serif Since “sans” means without, the sans serifs are typefaces with out the serifs at the ends of the strokes. The letters are usually the same thickness all the way throughout.


3. Script Script is the family of handwritten lettering – like calligraphy, pencil writing, or cursive.


4. Decorative These are those fonts that are fun, quirky, and wild. They’re often not easy to read so use them sparingly.


You want your text to be easily read. As I mentioned before, you’ll want to avoid overly decorative fonts, shadowed or 3D fonts, because they are not easy to read.

Match the Photo Lines or Curves

You also want to consider the feeling of the photograph. Consider the shapes in the photograph. Do you have swirly, roundish shapes or pointy shapes? The font  you use should complement those shapes.

Color Match

dark text

Dark photos require a light color font (preferably one that is matched in the photo itself.)

light text

Light photos need a dark color font (again, match this color to a color within the photo.)

Font Pairing: Opposites Attract

If you decide to use more than one font, you want the second font to be harmonious with the first. Pairing fonts is like pairing wine with a meal. You want harmony, not vomiting!

Also, for the purposes of this tutorial, only pair two fonts. More is not always better. And never pair fonts from the same font family. Ever.

serif pairing

SERIF: If you have a Serif font, it can be paired with any of the other font families. Don’t pair it with another serif. (The exception is you can pair it with itself, and make it italicized. But don’t worry about this too much.)

san serif pairing

SAN SERIF: This same principal applies to a san serif. You can pair it with serif, script, or decorative.

script pairing

SCRIPT: Just don’t over use this. Pair with serif or san serif but NOT decorative. Gack.

decorative font pairing

DECORATIVE: This only pairs with serif or san serifs, not scripts.

More Font Pairing Techniques

You’ll also want to consider size, weight, color and case when you pair fonts. A perfect contrast makes for a good marriage. I teach all of this in my upcoming webinar, Eye-Catching Pins.

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The Secret of Storytelling with Images

the secret of storytelling with imagesSince we’re visual consumers, we need to be visual marketers, too. On Pinterest especially.

Visual storytelling, or storytelling with an image, is an art form — but it’s an essential skill for your marketing strategy kit. So how do you do it?

Visual storytelling makes me think of “Six Word Memoirs.” As you may know, good writing is concise — the less words, the better. But distilling your life story into six words is a challenge, right? In Smith magazine online, Dave Eggers writes, “Fifteen years since last professional haircut” for his 6-word memoir. Stephen Colbert says, “Well, I thought it was funny.” These are concise but tell so much about the person.

Now take this one step further. Instead of six words, use only one image.


Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to tell your life story. :)

But the image does have to tell a story.

Think National Geographic and Life magazine.

Is a picture is worth a thousand words?

NO. Not all pictures.

How do you discern if an image tells a story?

3 Questions to Ask

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Can you tell what’s going on? ( & does it make you wonder the backstory?)


2. Does it make you feel something? (fear, wonder, sadness, delight)

at the beach

3. Is it real? (not staged)


You’re looking for images that don’t require a title and that evoke interest in knowing more.


Use your 3 questions to evaluate these photos. Decide if the tell a story or not.

1. stock photo alarm clock

NO. This is a fine photo but it doesn’t tell a story, does it?

2. stock photo kids eating

YES. This gets the aaah factor, and we can tell what’s going on.

3. stock photo girl with doll

YES. We feel a sense of longing and sadness. We can tell the girl is left out of whatever is going on.

4. stock photo hand

NO. This photos, while colorful and interesting for that reason, doesn’t evoke emotion or tell a story.

Are you getting the hang of this?

I want you to apply these 3 questions to your photo selection.

Find images that capture emotion and story and you’ll connect more with your customers.