How to Use Pinterest in Less than 1 Hour a Day

Jul 17th
Pinterest marketing in less than 1 hour a day

We’ve all experienced the vortex of time on social media — especially with Pinterest. But, guess what? I use Pinterest in less than one hour a day. And still get results.

Get a Timer


You need a timer. I prefer the old fashioned kitchen timers. Do whatever works for you.

Find a Pinning Schedule

Decide what three times of day you’ll pin. Maybe mid-morning, afternoon, and late evening.

It’s important to pin frequently in short bursts, even if it’s not always at optimal times. However, optimal times will improve your results.

Of course, these times depend on your target market. Mashable quotes a study from Bitly saying that Saturday mornings are the best time. However, that’s not true for my audience of moms. I’ve found that for my audience of parents, late evening U.S. times are best.

I like this infographic from Curalate that breaks down the optimal pin times by category — tech, automotive, fashion.

Just experiment and find the best times for you.

6 Steps in 10 Minutes

Ready to go fast? Use your 10 minutes wisely. Consider your marketing goals as well as your audience so you can make quick decisions about what to pin.

(P.S. This is not a time for you to be pinning for your sister-in-law’s wedding. This is marketing your business.)

1. Set your timer for 10 minutes.

2. Scroll and scan — go fast.

3. Right-click pins that catch your eye, open in new tabs but don’t look at them. Keep scrolling.

4. After 6-7 minutes, look at your new tabs, repin the best ones in a variety of categories. (Don’t pin all recipes or all quotes. Don’t pin more than 10 per session.)
(You can always save those pins for another 10 minute session)

5. Include 1 pin of your own content.

6. Get off. Repeat throughout the day.

So Fast You’re Sweating

If you only do this several times a day, you’re actually accomplishing your Pinterest goals in 30 minutes. Which is great!

Off you go – let me know how it goes.

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