How to Get Rich Pins for Pinterest in 5 Minutes or Less

Oct 28th
Rich pins in 5 minutes or less!

I’ve been procrastinating getting the new rich pins for my Pinterest profile. I didn’t want to deal with the coding. BUT I found an easy-peasy way to get rich pins — without any coding!! Here’s how.

(*Rich Pins = bigger image, bolded title, author credit . . . )

Steps to Install and Validate Rich Pins

1) Get Yoast’s SEO plugin.

2) Take tour so you know how to find the “social” tab for this plugin.yoast seo screen shot

3) In the social tab, check “Add Open Graph meta data” at the top of the page. (If it’s not already.)

4) Go to the Pinterest developer page to verify.

5) Enter valid blog post url.
Rich pins validator

6) Pinterest will tell you that you’ve been validated and to apply. Then they will review your application and send you your final approval.

See how easy?

I know!

You’re welcome. :)

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